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This is a programme aimed at empowering teen mothers to thrive optimistically, make informed health decisions through psychosocial support, sexual and reproductive health and rights education.

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Support Group Meetings

Teenage pregnancy come with associated challenges like rape, stigmatization, and rejection which expose teen mothers to psychological problems. They also find difficulties to balance adolescent stage challenges with parenthood.

Teen mothers attend support group meetings in their locality where they share experience, gain self-esteem, parenting skills, learn sexual and reproductive health and rights. 

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Senior Mothers

Senior teen mothers are trained to become informal counsellors to give psychosocial support to teen mothers, educate basic sexual and reproductive health and rights, and build self-esteem and parenting skills to teen mothers.

Senior teen mothers get a special training and continuous mentorships to be ambassadors in remote areas where most of teen mothers live.

Provident Teen Mothers

Entrepreneurship Skills

It’s a program implemented aside support group meetings to boost earning of teen mothers.

Teen mothers learn entrepreneurship skills like tailoring, making reusable pads, mats, baskets, liquid soap etc. which help them to increase on their earning able to contribute to their families and the entire community.


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Provident Teen Talks is a school based program where teenagers are continuously engaged in behavioral and mindset change sessions, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Education with many other counselling sessions embedded.

Our counselling curriculum for boys and girls is grounded with analytical psychology with evidence based and scientifically proven strategies that make teenagers feel empowered to make changes in their lives.

Covid-19 lockdown increased teenage pregnancy rates which indicated need for effort investments in teenage pregnancy prevention and mindset change program among teens. In regard this program was redesigned to suit the solving of current teenage challenges

Girls in schools have a lot of myths and ignorance about sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) which is highly contributing to the increased teenage pregnancies in Uganda based on our long-term engagement and interviews with teen mothers.

Basing on teen mothers’ evidenced causes, Provident Teen Mothers puts Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) as a central point of our education programs to school adolescent girls. Girls are taught the correct information about their bodies and their rights so that they are able to make health-informed decisions and be able to speak out in cases of sexual violence.

We create a safe space that enables them to openly discus and ask sensitive questions, enabling our health educators to provide correct information against myths they held by girls.

In this program we partner with schools to empower students, parents and teachers to participate in teenage pregnancy prevent is our new mode which we believe will harvest positive impact. Parents and teachers have role to play in the prevention journey if we are to be successful in reducing the increasing rates of teenage pregnancy.


Family Reconciliation, Provident Teen Mothers Uganda, Family Reconciliation Uganda

This program is aimed at helping teen mothers reconcile with their families.  This programme apply to rejected and neglected teen mothers by either their families or men responsible for the pregnancy. 

Some families tend to stigmatise, reject and neglect their girls once they get pregnant which limits their future. Men responsible for the pregnancy tend to deny or become irresponsible leaving teen mothers and their children to suffer.

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