Youth intervention Programs

Partnering With Schools To Empower Students, Parents And Teachers To Participate In Teenage Pregnancy Prevention

We offer sessions to girls, boys, teachers and parents.

Partnering with schools to empower students, parents and teachers to participate in teenage pregnancy prevent is our new move which we believe will harvest positive impact. Parents and teachers have role to play in the prevention journey if we are to be successful in reducing the increasing rates of teenage pregnancy.

Our service prices are low for easy accessibility to everyone. We always negotiate in hard-to-reach areas schools where the problem is most dominant and people are living in poor situations.  We provide counselors and nurses to handles session anywhere at an affordable charge once you partner with us.

Covid 19 pandemic caused a lock down where many adolescent girls became pregnant.  When the government eased the lock down, an over whelming number of teenage pregnancies were reported. Daily Monitor newspaper on 2nd March, 2021 reported how data from Kitgum Diocese indicated that 3,430 teenage girls between 14 and 16 years got pregnant between March and October 2020. This indicates the need of more effort in Prevention program if Provident Teen Mothers seriously intends to achieve the goal of flourishing teen mothers and girls getting pregnant at a consent age.

Partner with us let’s join the fight to reduce teenage pregnancy

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