Provident teen mothers was initiated in 2016 by friends; Steven, Florence and Pauline

Steven was born to a 14 year old teen mother and 17 year old dad. Grew up experiencing and witnessing the unpleasant experience of a teenage parenting family. His parents being school dropouts; were jobless and found it hard to meet family basic needs. Worst of it His elder sister Cissy lost her life because his parents could not meet medical bills. Two of his sisters became teen mothers too like their mum. Steven’s father sold part of the inherited land and sponsored his nursing course at Kampala University to become a nurse.

Florence is a teen mum who bore twins while 15 years to a teen Dad of 17 years. Dropped out of school at the age of 15 due to teenage pregnancy following the death of her parents. She suffered the unpleasant experience of teenage parenting alongside the hardships of being an orphan. She was forced to get married to the teen father due to the hardships she was finding.

Pauline is from low social economic family, passed through unpleasant experience and now a single mother; went to the same rural primary school with Steven. Pauline was helped by a local organisation to sponsor her education and earned a degree in business administration at Makerere University. She also got experience of teaching entrepreneurship skills with Educate Uganda Organisation.

One day Steven visited Pauline and he shared how His sisters were suffering due to teenage pregnancy and wanted to do something about it. Pauline stressed how the problem was common in the community. They both simper seized of the kids of teen mothers in the community. They decided to do something to help the teen mothers. Pauline called Florence to join the discussion, resolved to join their talents to help the teen mothers. The following evening they informed the local leaders and made survey in the community. Realised teen mothers were desperate and facing various challenges than they expected.

Florence linked three fellow teen mothers; scheduled a day for a meeting. During the first meeting Florence shared her experience while a teen mum and how she makes it to keep optimistic; Steven being a nurse taught health talk on how to prevent subsequent pregnancies by use of contraceptives, Pauline being a business administrator with an experience of teaching entrepreneurship skills taught teen mothers business tips and how to make liquid soap. After session mothers were motivated and reported positive impact on their lives. The following meetings the number teen mothers kept on increasing as teen mothers linked fellows.

As teen mothers continued to share experience, we realised there was need for family reconciliation for mothers who were neglected and stigmatised by their families; we started the reconciliation programme immediately since two teen mothers were homeless then. After visiting their families for reconciliation; mothers were accepted back by their families and 90% of their challenges were solved by the family. After a while we realised family-reconciliation and psychosocial support was bringing more sustainable solutions than entrepreneurship skills. This guided us to a proper definition of provident teen mothers and created the first support group of 30 teen mothers in mafubira sub county Jinja district.

Since then provident teen mothers is becoming an impactful organisation each day.

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