Meet Jannette Kahindo a Senior Teen Mother

Jannette Kahindo is a refuge from the Democratic Republic of Congo aged 23. A single mother of two sons whose first borne came as a result of rape.

“ I came to Uganda in 2000 after a war break in my home district Benyi Muramba village. My dad was killed during the war. A Nande by tribe, at the age of 19 I was raped by a group of young men on my way from work. Since I was a street stalling soap and ever since then my life wasn’t the same, I became stressed and emotional at all times, I became empty and felt so left out, I waited as other expecting mother. I gave birth from a health centre in Nsambya and it was a baby boy. It wasn’t easy since I had no help from the day I had to take care of my son with the help of God and mum.

When I made 20 I got into a relationship with a Tanzanian man who after two months got me pregnant and ran a way. When I was two months pregnant I got involved with him because I had no one take care of my babies’ needs and people were always talking ill about me because of my situation, life was so had. To cut the story short. I met Steven the founder of provident teen mothers. I shared with him my story and told me how it was helpful in giving lessons to teen mothers out there since am succeeding despite of the challenges faced while a teen mum.

Now am doing fashion and art crafts, and ready to teach and inspire teen mothers so that they can be able earn a living and take care of themselves and their babies.

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