Provident teen mothers - Youth Alive Uganda

Youth Alive Uganda took interest to add more skills to our Team

For four days, 17th -20th February, 2020, our team was trained by Youth Alive Uganda with more skills used to support teen mothers and prevent teenage Pregnancy.

For over 26 years Youth Alive Uganda has been supporting teen mothers in Uganda. The Eastern Region of Uganda has one of the most rapidly increasing numbers of girls giving birth before the age of consent. In the areas girls are rapidly dropping out of school due to teenage pregnancy while others are getting pregnant after dropping out of school. Provident Teen Mothers (PTM) a growing organization in Eastern Uganda.  Basing on experience, Youth Alive Uganda took interest to add more skills to our Team.

This increased PTM team ability to support teen mothers and reduce teenage pregnancy rates in the area. During the training, team members improved their skills of building self esteem among teen mothers; prevent subsequent pregnancies, self sustainability through entrepreneurship skills, helping adolescents set realistic goals, team work, among others.

 Thanks Youth Alive Uganda for the support. ‘’It’s time to act’’ Together we can.

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