Youth Workshops

Youth Intervention Prevention of Teenage Pregnancy Workshops

To be conducted at high school and higher institutions of learning.

Covid 19 pandemic caused a lock down where many adolescent girls became pregnant.  When the government eased the lockdown, an overwhelming number of teenage pregnancies were reported. Daily Monitor news paper on 2nd March, 2021 reported how Data from Kitgum Diocese indicated that 3,430 teenage girls between 14 and 16 years got pregnant between March and October 2020. This indicates the need of more effort in Prevention program if Provident Teen Mothers seriously intends to achieve the goal of flourishing teen mothers and girls getting pregnant at a consent age.

Youth intervention Program is one of the programs designed to consolidate more taskforce to empower a girl child make health informed decisions.  We believe through training more youths with the skills to become our ambassadors would make significant impact easily than relying on our small team to reach a thousands of girls.

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